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Inspiration for a Friday evening

October 2, 2009

This week has not been too bad a week – it’s certainly been different. First of all I went to film a few conference interpreters in Brussels and got to know a bit more about their life which, although may look quite glamorous and fast-paced, is also very tough. I was very impressed by their skills and the one which I have decided to start working on is active listening: I used to think that it’s nothing special about listening and taking in info, but it turns out that, without making the effort to listen to every single thing the other person is saying, lots of info just evades you. Now, you can always argue that that’s due to an unengaging speaker (and to a certain extent it is), but you can’t always blame the others (and, BTW, there are too many anyway). So that’s the first thing that inspired me at the beginning of the week.

The second one just happened now: I’ve just finished watching quite a few movies with the Duarte crew – such a brilliant idea that has interviewed them!!! You already feel that there are certain things you could do a bit better (especially when it comes to presenting), but seeing these very cool people talk about what those things are in such a chilled way really struck loads of cords with me. Focussing on the story rather than the presentation tool, thinking what’s important to the audience rather than what’s important to you, working away from machines (with sticky notes, coloured pencils and slouching about bouncing ideas off each other) has made me even order the book (hope it won’t be a disappointment – even if it is a little bit, I already like all of them so it won’t matter that I only get 5 useful things out of it instead of 10 ;)). It was great to see a clean, high-impact and fresh approach to making presentations. Up to me to do something about it, too, I guess 😉


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