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Free or paid-for online meeting application?

December 18, 2009

For some time I was searching for a online meeting solution that could handle multiple webcams at the same time. Why? Well, simple: I was working with lecturers in the field of sign language and for such communication to happen over the web, you need multiple webcams.

Up to very recently, I thought Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro was the only solution able to do that (and it does it rather well, I must say!). However, I am very grateful to my colleague Aisha Walker for telling me about Dabbleboard. I had a go on both apps and I must say my favourite is still the Adobe product. However, if I ever needed a quick place to have a video chat and a bit of groupwork, Dabbleboard is not bad, either. The webcam feed quality lets it down quite a bit and Adobe just has so many other very useful features for online lecturing… But it does support more file types to be working on collaboratively… 😉

Anyway, here is how I got on with both of them in under 5 minutes. Cheers and have fun 🙂

PS: @RichWhite just told me about this cool use of Dabbleboard. Cheers, Rich! 🙂

  1. I would suggest you to check Banckle Online Meeting application which is a perfect online conferencing tool. You can host audio/video meeting and can share documents and images. Banckle Online Meeting is free for one year.

    For more detail visit :

    • Thanks for this – a lot of development is going into such platforms at the moment and definitely a lot of choice and variety around. Thank you for letting us know about your solution.

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