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Dragster and mobile devices (and a new friend: YouTube :))

March 23, 2010

Aaaah, the joys of having a full-Flash mobile 🙂 – although I don’t have apps which calculate which side of the Earth I’d come out if I were to start digging straight down … (who comes up with this stuff????)

The latest thing I wanted to see at work on my N900 has been Dragster, a super cool drag-and-drop tool from Webducate. Your normal drag-and-drop tools do a decent enough job, I guess, but Dragster to me is especially cool because of a few reasons:

  • not only does it let you give marks and feedback to students for getting the question right or wrong, it also allows you to give them partial credit for dragging the element in the right area; not-quite-there-but-getting-warm-kind-of-thing
  • the feedback is by element and can be quite comprehensive
  • if you don’t have / cannot use a mouse, you can drive the quiz with your keyboard very easily
  • the editing environment is completely online for a very small subscription to Webducate
  • you can export your quiz as HTML or as SCORM and stick it into a VLE/LMS (depending on which part of the pond you are ;))

So here it is in action on my phone. This is the original resource I was testing, which was created for the National Network for Interpreting project. I must say I was a bit down initially because the screen capture tool for the N900 is still in its beta version and tends to skip about quite a bit. As a result, the video is super fast. however, when uploading it on YouTube I discovered the beta Annotation tools which I’ve done my best to use to make the video a bit clearer. Admittedly, my narration is now broken up, too, but such is life … (the alternative of hooking the N900 to my TV – btw, just how cool is it to be able to do that!!! -, setting up the video camera and recording the TV screen would have taken too long).

So well done Dragster, N900 and YouTube. My new best friends! 🙂

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