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Jamie’s Dream School… But is it also mine?

March 3, 2011

Reality TV annoys me no end generally and I wouldn’t waste any time watching it, let alone write about it. But this one’s different: it’s meant to be about education.

So: Jamie’s Dream School starts. Straight on to Shakespeare. Lesson plan? Kind of, but would Simon Callow stick to it? Nah, why would he?

Other things that stood up faster than the hairs on my arm when I saw what was on the next channel (will tell you later) were: Concern for how people learn? No. Engaging tasks? No. Presentation skills? Not really. Kids’ age? 16 and troublesome. Parents’ approach? “Well, our kids are just like that…” Bless… And here’s me thinking that if you valued education and doing the right thing over bling and stupid celebs the world would be a lot happier…

David Starkey’s approach? Please! History teacher? He may know history all right, but he’s not a teacher, folks! I see where he’s coming from, but you just can’t turn back time. He seems to worship ancient artifacts, but to me he doesn’t seem to be in the business of inspiring people.

First commercial break. Surprise! OERs on TV? Yes, but now on the O2 website. Pathetic and destructive: lots of people building a community and repositories, all completely ignored for the sake of a shiny interface and the possibility of a quick buck from new phone subscribers…

At the same time on the next channel: ‘OMG with Peaches Geldoff’. If that’s getting enough of an audience to run, my 5-year plan is to become a hermit… Oh, life will be sweet!

Where is the passion of the teachers? I was losing faith until Rolf Harris and brilliant Dame Ellen MacArthur came on… The passion and honesty Ellen displayed! Straight talking, no messing about. Truly inspiring!

Dissection lesson afterwards started with a lesson objective. Yey! It continued with mouse and pig dissection. Errrr. Dude!

All in all, my favourite so far is the headmaster – another straight up individual. The are quite cool, but the parents definitely need a good shake-up. May watch one more episode and if they continue like this, I may stick with my TED favourites… 🙂

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