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#Articulate Flash resources on the iPad #edtech #uoltech

May 12, 2011

I’ve just learnt today about an app called iSwifter which is able to play Flash content on the iPad (thank you, @slhice). So I found an iPad owner (should I be saying here that I’m saving up for a Motorola Xoom? well, I may change my mind… but I digress), smooth-talked my way into Karen buying the iSwifter app (£1.79, thank you, there is cake in this :)), and then did a quick and a little bit superficial review of this app using two Articulate resources I had built. I used the Kodak Zi8 camera on the 720p setting and I must confess the lack of autofocus in my video did get to me a little… I hope you can get the main ideas (or, if not, let me know and I’ll do it again using something else).

My observations are:

  • iSwifter browser DOES PLAY Flash! Brill!
  • overall, it’s a bit slow, presumably because of the re-interpreting that’s doing on the fly (but it nevertheless brings Articulate to the iPad, which is not bad going until autumn and Storyline… fingers crossed the project advances as it should)
  • rendering of images and fonts is therefore slow, while the sound is echoey and rather rough (like it came out of a submarine)
  • PowerPoint hyperlinks work well
  • Engage behaves, although the scrolling bar in the FAQ interaction sometimes likes to think about things rather than act swiftly (see what I did there? 🙂
  • my shortcut buttons at the top of the Articulate resource (where Attachments and Bookmarks would be) did not show up
  • skipping around in the player bar was generally ok (depending on how quickly the Articulate resource loads up, it can work or it can do strange things like skip to the next slide, unless by tap was in fact a slide, which would explain it…)
  • swiping up and down over the Articulate resource advances forwards and backwards (so no need for the two Articulate buttons, really) – unexpected and not necessary, but hey – I guess that’s the reason I can’t do any drag and drop, because the swipes are already taken
  • Flash embedded objects act weird (I couldn’t actually operate my Dragster activity)
The resources I used in this test are:

What do you think?

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