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So what’s this all about?

… especially the ‘yegg’ bit… Well, the thing is, it looks like I’ll be sleeping in my office tonight (that may be a slight exaggeration now, but as hours go by, it’s turning into a bit of a certainty).

I work as a staff developer and learning technologist (or whatever you want to call us people that help teachers catch the eyes of their students through cunning and stunning face-to-face and online technology). I enjoy playing with new technology and trying to see the point of it (which reminds me of John LLoyd’s brilliant talk about usually missing what’s not visible ;)).

So it starts as a bit of friendly banter, then it can get a bit more serious and I start learning stuff. If I’m interested in the topic, behind the scenes I’m also usually acquiring knowledge and skills at the same time without me being aware of it – which makes for a nice surprise later on when it just comes to me. And finally, the ‘yegg’ thing is about trying to crack the cose of learning without really knowing the combinations to the people’s brains (I know it’s a long shot, but hey :)).

So that’s it: the plan is to start sharing on a wider scale what I’m coming up against in terms of using technology to enhance learning (I’m not really into describing beautiful sunsets, I’m afraid). There are quite afew blogs like this out there, one of my favourites being Tom’s Rapid eLearning Blog, so I’m quite curious to see how long I can keep this one up (if at all – now there’s some optimism for you).

  1. Hello, I read your blog post “Why the eInstruction Mobi tablet could be great… but it isn’t quite yet.” As a new product manager here at eI I’m thankful for your insights. Keep ’em coming!


    • Thanks a lot, Steve, I appreciate it. There’ll be a bit more coming as I’m planning a head-to-head between Response, Qwizdom and TurningPoint 😉 Hope ti will be of some use. So far the short version is that I like the user-friendliness of your system but if it had a bit more of the funky games and results database query functionalities of Qwizdom, it would be even more of a hit.

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